About Our Company

Saffron is the king of spices in the world , anyone that one time smell saffron, will love this magnificent spice , our company based in city of Mashhad , near to qaenat, the heart of persian saffron , we are contacted with more than 100 farmers and our product is coming directly from farm and our packaging process is so safe and healthy . we are glad to inform that now we are exporting our qualified Sargol and Negin Saffron to more than 6 county in the world and we are ready to send our Saffron for all over the world.

A lot of companies on the market today mix their saffron with other ingredients and make it as powder to weigh up the product cheaper and charge more. Again, a great way to check purity is to look for the strong vivid red tips ( All red) as a proof that the saffron threads are all natural and pure.
When you have a fresh and pure product, you will most likely have a very high-quality saffron. In grade 1 saffron you can not find any stigmas that have any color except deep vivid red. Most saffron products offer their rating grade on their pages. Our Persian Saffron is rated 259.3 by the lab test and that’s for the premium Persian Saffron as the highest quality of saffron in the world!
One of the best methods to test the freshness is to take a look at the color of the saffron. Look for a vivid crimson red on all threads (not partial). The darker colors or light orange threads that offered in powder formats mostly in other stores are just the lowest quality of saffron. Sargol Saffron vivid strong Natural redness in all threads means they’re natural, pure, and very fresh.